Migrate your Power workloads now

Download the white paper migration guide

If your company relies on mission-critical applications that run on AIX, IBM i, or Linux on IBM Power Systems in the data center, you may only consider moving these traditional workloads into the cloud when faced with a compelling event. But replatforming these monolithic mission-critical applications can require time, manpower, and high levels of risk that keep them locked in the data center.

Now there is a way to move your Power workloads into the cloud in their native format, without rewriting or replatforming. This migration guide will help you understand cloud basics and benefits and how Skytap lets your Power workloads function as they do on-premises while gaining cloud advantages.

What’s inside?

  • Reasons you shouldn't wait to migrate
  • Step-by-step guide to a "lift-and-shift" migration
  • Examples of how Power can take advantage of cloud capabilities