Expand the future of your IBM Power Applications with Skytap on Azure

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Today, more and more healthcare providers have found benefits in the cloud by improving IT systems that address industry-specific operations such as patient care and clinical documentation. As you plan your cloud transformation, have you considered how your on-premises IBM midrange workloads fit into the picture?

With Skytap on Azure, you can continue to realize your investments in IBM Power-based applications with the ability to run traditional IBM Power, IBM i (AS/400), AIX, or x86 workloads natively in Azure without costly and timely refactoring, replatforming, or re-architecting. 

Moving traditional on-premises workloads to the cloud can involve complexity and risk. With Skytap on Azure, the migration efforts are simplified, saving valuable time and staff resources.

Download the ebook to discover how Skytap on Azure can unlock cloud scalability, flexibility, and cost-savings for your healthcare organization.